Engineered Fire Protection Systems

Engineered fire suppression systems are required for businesses
that need fire protection where for one reason or another, your typical water
sprinkler system is not sufficient. There are several factors that determine
which is the best engineered system for your application. For sensitive assets
such as electronics, computer server rooms and high end medical equipment where
water or dry powder will cause as much damage as the initial fire itself a
“clean agent” system is preferred. For Industrial, mechanical a dry chemical
system may be the best product for your needs. Liberty Fire Protection
specializes in all types of engineered systems from design and installation to
service and maintenance. We offer innovative solutions for your complex
commercial fire hazards, using tested and proven design concepts. Our engineers
have extensive project experience and the ability to effectively communicate
with all parties involved in order to offer the best resolutions to any unique
design challenge.

Let Liberty Fire Protection help you prevent the loss of costly equipment, irreplaceable data and information as well as business interruption.

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